Thursday, February 3, 2011

*************Happy Birthday Dad*****************

So much has happened

its my Dad's 69th birthday, and on his special day where did he end up? in the hospital

I asked him if it was the hospital he was born in and he said no but my brother and sister were born there

he's out of surgery and all went well, will sleep it off for the next few days then on the road to recovery I hope, how scary for him

outfit number four

I pretty much do my makeup the same way, maybe a slightly different eye shadow color

I put a light shimmery color on my upper lid just below the curve of my eyebrow only and black eyeliner across my lid

I only put mascara on the upper outer lashes. I heard years ago that when you age you should not put mascara on the lower lashes. I haven't done my lower lashes probably ever

a little taupe eyeliner on the bottom, thats it, takes me about 3 minutes to do my makeup

i'm wearing:
Costa Blanco white tee
new thrift store belt
new thrift store black coverup
jeggings from LA
older thrift store black stretchy boots

I put a hair band in my hair

and topped it all off with some bracelets my Mother gave me

I love you Dad and i'll be thinking of you every step of the way

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