Thursday, February 24, 2011

Winter wonder, I can't drive in this stuff

Winter wonderland in Victoria today. David sent these pics of his house, and not a trace to be found at my house...but BLOODY cold

i'm wearing:
cardigan from Costa Blanco
tee from Costa Blanco
Joe grey harem pants
beige Costa Blanco boots

paired with a thrifted beanie cap

I heard today was Dad's best day ever, they let him have JELLO, wiggly jiggly jello.  seems silly but after almost a month without food by mouth, hhhmmm yummy, I hope it was orange, thats my favorite. Yesterday in physio they had Dad sitting on the edge of the bed and even standing. guess he thought he could do that by himself today..not so much

see ya later alligator

poor thing, looks like I gave my new friend a little too much light loving

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