Saturday, February 19, 2011

What are you dreaming?

Everynight before I went to bed I prayed my Dad was not having nightmares in his induced coma. I say this because I realize that whenever i'm sick I seem to have nightmares everynight. I was afraid my Dad would think he was all alone and be scared, even though we were right there. well, some of my thoughts are answered

Dad is talking! and apparently talking and talking. he says he called Mom but no one would believe him. can you imagine even in a coma and all he can think about is finding Mom, how lovely. he also seems to remember David saying he was going to take him on an all expensive paid trip, destination: unkown

he's even trying to smile, love him

yike 70's guy, he has a moustache

after our last visit this trip David and I headed out of town to Chris and Erin's. this is my favourite house and barn in the area. the pictures don't do it justice but they are both made out of the same stone and I must say the best color i've ever seen, love that they match and such quality, well who knows how old they are so the quality is expected

goodness around here the first thing you do when you get home is shovel, before even coming into the house

great host, had a wine in our hands immediately

Erin got home a bit later, so much going on in her family as well

Snapper getting too old to attack me this time, probably forgot i'm not well liked

my Pake and Beppe, I must put out a picture of them, my heart melts when I see them again

my old Pake and Beppe

went to this restaurant for dinner, they were so gracious. we showed up after 8pm the restaurant was empty and they still agreed to stay open for us, the food was delish

it was all set up for Valentines Day, yay I actually kind of went out for Valentines Day, oh poor brother, he was my date

this clock was in my Pake and Beppes house for ever, I love to see it

so off to the airport very early in the morning to go home

the Rocky Mountains, really spectacular

I work just down there

and live just down there

have you noticed they've started to sell advertising space at the airport, on the tarmack, gotta make money somewhere I guess

guess who was really happy to see me

my aunt Betty arrived a couple of days after we left, thank goodness, we love her and she would be a great comfort for Mom

I think she left either today or yesterday back to Winnipeg and my sister is arriving again

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