Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy days are here again ....

Today was a better day I hear

Dad is more awake than ever since his surgery. he knows he's been moved to Kingston and his kidneys are not working properly. he still has that drat tube in his throat and hopefully that will be removed tomorrow, although we've been hearing that everyday. Mom says for sure he knew she was there and even smiled. he has a TV and seems to be enjoying the news. can't imagine what he's thinking because he can't talk yet. can't wait to find out what if anything he remembers

but back to the beginning

Mom needed a rest and we stayed behind one day. we went to my favorite thrift store, I always find something at the thrift store nearby

...and I did, this real Coach wallet. albeit a cheaper slim model, probably a Christmas special, but real the same

this is how you tell the difference

my knock off compared to the real thing. the Coach insignia is of course a large C, the knockoff has a small G

copies do not have Coach zipper clasps

copies do not have Coach embossed in the lower inside

and outside

we had an excellent greek meal here

my aunt Lynn worked at this Zellers years ago, I remember it well

what a joy for me to drive a luxury car

everyday and night people were stopping by to see how Dad is doing

uncle Henry

we ordered local pizza, could have been a bit crispier but we ate it all

we realize this is the first time we siblings have been together in eight years, can you believe it!

some buildings around

there was a hockey game here the day before at Febfest

Mom and Dads house is out of this world awesome. I can't believe how it seems just like home, makes me think that where ever they go will feel like home. then I remember i've been coming to this home all my life. my Pake and Beppe have been in this village my whole life and in the house most of my life and now my parents are in this house. LOVE IT. they have done alot of work and this is where they are with reno's, specatular

i'm very confused and waiting patiently for you to come home, miss you, love you

this is what I wore today

 what i'm wearing:
thrift store mens sweater
H&M faux leather leggings
boots from Spring, awesome deal

I got this sweater while thrift storing the other day, it still had the tags on it. the boots I got years ago while vising my sister, they were such a good price. the leggings I just love. there black leggings with faux leather patches on them

the knit on the sweater is very soft and not as heavy as it looks, nice turtle neck and unfinished bottom, the detaling on the front adds another point of interest

I backcombed just the front of my hair and pinned it back

hope your having peaceful dreams, I had a nightmare last night. too much crap food

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