Friday, February 25, 2011

Progress, progress

Dad is understanding more everyday. Mom and Margo took him for a spin in a wheelchair. apparently he is now getting restless and wants to do more than just lay about

hoping he will switch hospitals again this week and go back to the one nearest his home, good luck

he asked exactly when i'm coming back today. glad he's thinking of me. Margo was just back again and David following in a couple of weeks. i'll hold out if possible and go when he is home, maybe i'd be more useful then

this is what i've worn the last couple of days

i'm wearing:
Target 3/4 sweater
H&M mini leopard print skirt
thrifted boots
belt Forever 21
necklace designer out of Montreal
leggings Target
fur coat gifted
faux fur purse Jacob
circular silver bracelet birthday gift from T, my favorite, it also has matching earrings

thought I would show you my hiddeous hair, stretching out the color

i'm wearing:
summer waif dress, have no idea where I got it
long sleeve tee
Spring flats
bone like material bracelet, gifted
Ricky's wool jacket, thrifted
leather fringe purse thrifted

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