Thursday, February 10, 2011

Things have gotten complicated

Sorry no blogs lately, so much going on

my Dads surgery turned for the worst for a bit there

they were shocked at how infected he was when they went in, afterwards his kidneys were tired and didn't want to function properly, s*"t!!!!!!!

we started with Dave and I taking the red eye from Vancouver to Toronto, then a three hour layover in TO then off to Ottawa

I found another row of empties and Dave and I tried to sleep, unsuccessfully

thats Detroit way off into the distance

into Toronto

into Ottawa

we rented a car and went straight to the hospital that he has now been transferred to for a kidney specialist

Margo and Mom are already there when we get there

he is all hooked up, everywhere

I went home with Margo and Mom went with Dave so we could all get caught up

I love the old homes in the Kingston area, i'll salt and pepper throughout with houses I liked

more later

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