Sunday, February 20, 2011

The unkown state

Well lots of good things are happening

Dads kidneys are still giving it a good go, not quite 100% but doctors are hopefull for a full recovery because he didn't have any prexisting condition

they say it could take months so plenty of time.

he is anxious and seemed to calm down once Mom arrived today.  their wondering why he's still confused...Ah, Dad's never done drugs before, i'm not a doctor, i'm guessing he's pretty high.  hope its fun.  oh Mom should video his antics and we can see if he remembers anything.  he has at one point pulled out an IV so his hands are teathered from time to time, how horrible does that sound

its a waiting game and maybe i'm asking too much for now?

i'll post a couple of outfits I haven't yet as one day is rolling into the other right now

what i'm wearing:
newly thrifted 80's mock up dress
black Jacob sweater
newly thrifted Kenneth Cole moccassin boots
gifted bacalite bracelets from my Mom
Express flower ring
Tibeton ball bought in Thailand

what i'm wearing:

R&W sweater which I realized I don't like and gifted to T
H&M black faux leather patch leggings
black and neutral patent pumps
thrifted bone like belt

looked up the other night at work and saw this beautiful sky, couldn't resist a pic

no wonder we talk about our weight at work, this is what we get up to on a Saturday night

this is what I prefer to eat. its like eating pie
you cut up an apple and banana and sprinkle with cranberries and walnuts
heat in the microwave for 3minutes then add two no fat yogurts, it is soooo goood

I can look out this window for as long as good health takes to it coming soon?

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