Monday, February 14, 2011


Everyday after the first day has been a waiting game for Dad to wake up.  I was really hoping to be able to speak with him before I came home, and I did but he didn't speak back, thats what I really wanted, to hear him speak

shortly after surgery it became known that Dad's kidneys were not opperating to full potential so since then they have started short bouts of dialysis to kick start them

we travelled into the hospital each day in different configurations to visit, then went for lunch, then either back again or home depending on any progress' or hopeful progress'

look at the size of the snow piled up at the side of the road, full winter conditions

we pretty much ate out everyday, something like this, yuck

Grace and Dale had us over for dinner and cousin Cindy and her daughter Maddison joined us

cousin Allison and her boyfriend Trevor. Mom stayed with Allison for a couple of days when Dad first went into the hospital

my smoking buddy on the back deck every night, Snap my parents cat

i'm getting behind on everything so i'll now mix in a little current news

doggers are very pleased i'm home after being in the kennel their longest stay, they promptly play in every mud puddle possible on our outings

it was my good friend Sharon's brithday Dim Sum today

I couldn't find sparklers so went with the fun light up sticks

losts of chilli pepper sauce today

we do love you Sharon, it says so because its the day before Valentines Day, try to find a cake without that theme

we like our deserts at starbucks where we get our coffees, this wonderfully simple tulip display was there, there is white sand at the bottom

I wore someting pretty simple, truthfully feel like a cow with all the eating i've been doing lately, gotta get back on the regular routine

we always thrift store on our days together, found this Mikasa decanter today, the spout slightly leaks and I can see it has been recaulked but with the wrong caulking, i'll fix that, sooo cute and love the color

I am starting to collect cute containers to keep my jewellry in

well Dad is more alert everyday. i'm sure he'll be shocked and surprised when he's fully awake and finds out time has passed, he went into the hospital on Jan 31/2011 and it is now Feb 14/2011. Happy Valentines Day!

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