Friday, February 18, 2011

Say what?

More good news today, Dad was fully awake this morning. the doctor told him whats happened and whats happening. Mom said he took it all well but will of course need to digest this information over the next couple of days...and... they took out that tube, yyeeeehhaa!!!!!!!, his throat must hurt so much

he had to be put out to have a procedure done to change the tube for the dialysis because it kept kinking and they decided to remove the other tube at the same time. before, they had told us he had to be awake and able to obey commands before they would remove it, guessing that because he was fully awake in the morning they decided it was a good time

on our last day there we all went into the hospital for a visit

there was no change with Dad, he did respond to our voices but was quite obviously out of it, and crazy eyes, just wide and unable to focus. I could see they were taking care of him well though, always nice fresh clean sheets everyday

Mom so loving and confident that it will all be ok by his bedside

I was sorry to say goodbye for now...but i'll be back soon

well it was time for us to split up, Margo on her way home for a bit and David and I leaving for Ottawa to Chris and Erin's that night. David was getting the car for us, the parking garage was full so he had to park in a snow bank down the road where he said another car was so stuck even the 4 or 5 people trying to get it out could not

Mom, David and I went to this place for lunch

we had these and lunch

we experienced a random act of kindness at this parking garage. on the way out we chatted with the parking attendant about a good place to eat. we chatted again on the way back about his recommendation and he said "no charge" when we asked about the bill. it was so kind

David is funny, his charisma, as he says, got him a few acts of kindness over the week

I tell you its full on winter there, you have to put up with so much snow everywhere and it gets ugly and dirty

and you have to wear boots with dresses and look silly

we drove around a bit and remembered the places our Pake and Beppe took us to visit friends over the years

oh oh, someone didn't use the mens room before we left, ahhhhhh country roads

Grace and Dales house looks lovely

so does Pat and Henry's house

Chris' friend Wes' house used to be a hotel on Main street and it was moved to this location, if those walls could talk, and look at the size of the icebergs, heads up i'd say

this was the haunted house you had to walk past to get to Swan's, scary. the back part was always delapitated and it looked like someone was watching through the window, its been fixed up since then but that was many years ago, its getting run down again i'm afraid

went back to Mom and Dads to pack before meeting up with Chris and Erin, took some quick pics of the inside of their house. I love it so much, my Mom collects the neatest things. they have done so much work the house is almost unrecognizable, although it doesn't smell like my Pake and Beppe anymore I can still see them everywhere I look

the rest later

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