Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Family - 2

I spent the first night with Chris and Erin at the lake, it was very nice. I didn't realize how much room they had, I was completely comfortable on a double pull out couch

the next day Mom and Dad came back and we tried to go for breakfast at the lake restaurant but alas, were turned away because it was too busy

we walked back to Chris and Erins while trying to figure out our next step

Elvis, bless your soul, is everywhere

their palace in the yonder

we decided to go to a cool restaurant in the village my Grandmother had a store in when I was a child. I remember going there well, she did weaving there and always wore a really cool costume she made. it was a long dress with a really wide brimmed hat

the food at this place is very yummy and so reasonably priced, $4.25 for this

the restaurant also sellls everything you can think of, the owner is actually from Vancouver, how the heck did he end up here?

not only did Grandma have a store beside the restaurant but Dad advised me she also had a restaurant when he was a young'n in this building

here is the Mill in the village in 1908

and my recreation of the same street view today, remember you can click on any pic to make it larger

the restaurant we ate at and Grandma's store are in the building along the background.

Mom and Dad also lived in this village with my sister and brother and this is the building they lived in

its right beside the Mill, how fun

this was their apartment

we went inside the Mill to tour around

it is one of the nicest buildings i've ever been in

there were tons of fish swimming around and the color of the water is just beautiful

we also had a great bbq at Chris and Erins

Mom laughing her head off because Chris and Erin were making funny bum motions to entertain us, i'll spare you of the pics of that

I started to feed chippy and before you know, other friends joined in, yumm

more tomorrow, night night

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