Thursday, July 14, 2011

Family - 3

I went into Dad's shop and it was pretty messy from past work and the building of the deck. Mom also had a bunch of flea market stuff in there. Mom and I decided to give it a good cleaning

and then Margo arrived just in time to help us reload the truck. I love it when Margo comes, I wish we lived closer together, she's fun

we pulled everything out of the shop and reorganized that as well

now its all pretty and clean and Mom can use the shop for painting too

the next day Margo and I started the day off with a jog, what a dog and cat show that was. I've always been a runner but not of late. boy did my body hate hate hate me for it

then we set out to move stuff to the flea market and we made a sign because everything is not perfect yet

we ate lunch at this Mexican restaurant, the ambience was perfect and the food was great!

more tomorrow, i'm working hard and pretty tired, hope everyone is still having as much fun as I did on my visit

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