Monday, July 18, 2011

Family - 5

The family golf tournament

this course is my favorite course anywhere, now keep in mind I haven't golfed in many places but this place has it all. scenery, rolling hills, dips and valleys, a water way running through it

how fun was this and the view while golfing to die for

first we started with a hearty breakfast at the clubhouse

The Game - best ball


1st 9 holes

(1) Dad, Johnnie, Cayle and Jay
(2) Mom, Margo, Chris and myself

2nd 9 holes

(1) Dad, Mom, Jay and myself
(2) Margo, Johnnie, Cayle and Chris

my camera has this cool continuous sports feature and I thought it would be an awesome tool to study all our swings.  what I didn't realize is that it was on a timer as to how many pics it took so didn't quite work as planned. neat though and once I get to using it more it will be great

finishing off the day was the biggest T-bone steak bbq i've ever seen, Mohitos to drink and yum, strawberry shortcake, it doesn't get any better.

I was just exhausted after this day. truth is, I couldn't even finish the second 9 holes. thank goodness Mom agreed to stick with me and stop playing as well because I wisked her off in the cart and we jogged between teams taking pics

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