Saturday, July 23, 2011

Chateau Marmont photo shoot again

Since I posted a recent photo shoot I found at the Chateau Marmont I decided to post the photo shoot that was happening while we were there

we met the talented Anna Laub by the pool, she is the creator of Prism which started off with glasses and sunglasses. she was just getting ready to launch her new line of bathing suits.  T was the one that started to speak with Anna and her friend first. they were sitting by the pool sewing bathing suits like crazy. we spoke with them for awile and she told us she was getting the bathing suits ready for a photo shoot the next day.

here is the shoot...

I want one of these, only because i'm sure if I have one i'll look just the model in it, yeah right

they are supposed to be great suits because they have an underwire for support, apparently one of the only suits that does

those are Prism sunglasses the models are wearing as well

we saw them around several times over the next few days, they had a cottage in the courtyard just below us, how fun! i've been following Anna's blog ever since, she's in the fashion industry and travels the world

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