Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Family - 6

We went to get some fresh strawberries at this farm that had these two billygoats in the side yard. of course I had to go pet them, they were very nice and friendly, which actually surprised me, my friend had a billygoat and it was not  very nice

we dropped by Gina and Gregs cottage and most everyone had a swim, wow what a view from the deck. the kids have grown so much since the last time I saw them

then my last day came, WAY too fast!

we started off by going to M's baseball tournament

M and cousin Cindy, they look very happy

the boys went fishing on the lake then we all met back up at Mom and Dad's

Jay so lucky gets to take home Mom and Dads old bed. the best bed ever I say. they've had it for so long but again its the best bed ever

Margo took this pic, she pushed some button that made the background change color, gotta figure that out. Dad looks very handsome

Mom's garden, it's fabulous, and this is just the half of it

well i'm home again now and planning our next visit already

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