Friday, July 15, 2011

Family - 4

Margo and I took little M out for lunch and shopping. there was much eating, shopping, laughing, girl talk and singing going on

you can see Dad coming up behind us which we didn't even realize, like magic before you know it he was behind us in the next shot which we didn't actually get, he was stealth like and we laughed like crazy

M had never had sweet potatoe fries so we had to have them, obviously pic was taken after we indulged somewhat

a new dress, she looks lovely

it was a great success overall

the next day we went back to the flea market to organize as much as possible. I felt like we didn't get enough done but I think it was a good start anyways

that evening Johnnie and the boys showed up, Cayle and Jay and Grace and Dale came over. Grace makes the best pies and we yummed it all right up, lemon and rhubarb

the mosquitos were eating us alive, hence the citranella candle


got a new camera which i'll share the make model later but sooooo many settings, looks like I need to get more info on the night pics though, color is off for these ones

sleep tight

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