Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Back to see Mom and Dad

Had a lovely visit with Mom and Dad, and everyone else I saw of course

Margo came as well

no 2500 one way fare for me this time, in the back, yuck, but hey glad to be there at any rate

I rented this fun little Dodge Cobalt, actually hate Dodge but it was fun because it was brand new, don't buy one though more blind spots than i've ever seen before

this is what I was driving into on the highway

looks so ominous

went out for breakfast at the lake then garage saling with Grace, Mom and Margo, lots of good finds

went out for lunch by the water, always nice

this is some good country driving. Dad and I took Mom's car and Mom and Margo went in her car because they were going to the casino afterwards

the shop was a nightmare again so tidied up a bit, nothing serious



they have a chippy living on the porch, saw him scurry under the pots under the ladder, how fun and of course I had to track him down to feed him

found him in the yard watching me looking for him, he was peeping out of his hole in the ground

as usual just love all the out buildings they have, wishing wishing I could have the same at the cottage. seem to have to take pictures of them so I never forget what they look like

the fireplace Pake built, a hosta lives there now, no burning anymore

damn.  kept wondering what we were forgetting, covering up the metal sofa in the back shaded area

love this metal art Mom got for the garden

went to the flea market, on the way caught these dudes (wild turkeys) crossing the street, they were hilarious, crossed but couldn't find their way through the fence into the pasture so promptly turned around and ran back from where they came from. HELLO, you could have flown over the fence!

the trees are all turning and looked lovely, I do miss seeing that

found they were so nice in this little village, named a street afer us and all

on the way home came across the horse n carriage ride, yeehaa

Mom and I decided to paint a stripe down the side of these two beside tables, first try but I think turned out ok, wasn't done by the time I left as needed a couple more coats but Mom will send pics of the finished version

its always time to go before I know it. dropped off to say a quick hello to cousin Cindy and Maddison on the way out of town.

back by popular demand, had the brie and apples and a margarita at the airport before leaving. the question used to be "why do you take pictures of food?", now its, "why don't you take pictures of food anymore?" so here we go

these little lights happened to catch my eye, several of them strung over the tables, looked cute

thats all for now, see ya later alligator

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