Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cottage - six

here are some random shots of the galleries we went to

love how they built the deck around this tree

Mom we have to get some of these frames paint them up and sell them, these babies were 25.00 each! all they are,  frames with tin foil wrapped around a piece of wood i'm guessing and painted little ornaments in the middle, simple simple

these cute chandeliers were going for 225.00

really loved these little glass rectangles, but not willing to buy at 65.00 each

great glass works everywhere

loved this black neck warmer, but to pricey, but sure looked cute on instead of a scarf

cute little deer having lunch

found Laurie tired of shopping, not alot for men i'm afraid

my favorite little flower garden, there is a box in the shed to leave your money

this ladies jewellry was wonderful but a bracelet was over 800.00! thats more than a Tiffany bracelet

I love Kate Woods jewelry. all silver with stones and glass from the beach. I have a few of her pieces

well thats it for this visit, see ya all soon for the wedding

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