Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cottage - five

the next day Betty and Laurie were back off to Dave's

I always get up to something on my own, I stayed one extra night. this time decided to get rid of some clutter

and clean out this closet of the junk i've stored in there. it's quite unorganized because I haven't put in a closet organizer yet, but I will one day. This is also supposed to be the closet for clothes for the person staying in the loft so I definitely need to hang a coat rack

much better

and all nicely hidden now

Betty and Laurie bought the doggers a new water dish

the next morning first thing the boys and I left for home, always bittersweet and very very early because I go home the day I start work again. gotta squeeze every minute in that I can

even we're tired

more later

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