Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cottage - two

Started off the next day at the recycling depot, no windows for me, uhg

these are my finds, love the wine glasses. meant them for the city house but of course forgot them

then onto the Farmers Market, this was the last weekend for that, just opens for summer and just open till noon. we got there just before noon so hardly anything left. there was some fantastic breads for sale, guy started out with 250 loaves and when I got there one loaf left

bought us some homemade muffins and blackberry jam

my friend Kathy runs Artworks, its a store and gallery for island artists. lots of activity around this place. including the Thanksgiving Gallery tour going on this weekend. Artworks had a sampling from all the artists studios so we hunkered down there with our snacks and coffee and map and penned in our route of attack

we spread it out and went to some galleries on saturday and some on sunday

there was some really lovely things

I'll show some pics of the things we saw at the end

then we stopped by Jen and Star's. I think you probably remember them, they helped me put the roof on my cottage last summer. they bought bluff view property and to my surprise they were on the island. I was over the top pleased to see them. they've been there building since May. Star is building the whole place by himself

here is a look at their lovely new cottage, they're living in the garage that was already built while they build the big house

stunning views

their golf tee, the flag is in the background

sandstone table

then we left to do some more galleries and go shopping as Star and Jen came for dinner

we settled on a white and red pasta both with salmon, prawns and broccoli and appies of course

before that though I spent some time outside burning and lounging

asked Star to bring his guitar and sing for us, more later

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