Monday, October 17, 2011

Cottage - three

While I was outside dancing around my fire this is what Betty was doing, Laurie was in and out spending time with both of us

hmmm nothing like a good book

we put out appies, baked brie and sun dried tomoatoes, grapes, crackers, tampanata, bread and salsa

crantini's for drinkies with lovely black olives

and good good company

Star sang for us

then onto dinner. we had red and white pasta with salmon, prawns and broccoli along with a bean salad and greek salad

and apple pie and coffee and drambui for desert

next day we decided to take the doggers to the beach, Carter the fatty frolicked so much that later he couldn't even walk

the boys are idiots I say. We threw in a stick for them and neither of them would let it go. they ran down the beach both holding onto the stick until I finally took it away from them

more later

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