Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dolce far niente

That is what I've christened my cottage, it translates  “the sweetness of  doing nothing” in italian 

had a great great time with Betty and Laurie on the island

this is what it looked like early in the morning when I left, think its going to rain? duh

my friend has a lovely home on the island in the background

coming to the ferry terminal

2 minutes after being in the car with the egg heads, where's my lint brush?, oh no bother won't work anyways

look, Tim came with me as well, always

on the big ferry

leaving H Bay

Boat House Restaurant

P island off the front of the ferry

the other side

driving to the next ferry

the smaller ferry to my island

are we there yet?

really, I can't stand it!

the drive to the cottage, yyyeeeehhhhhaaaaa

this is what I found, all safe and sound. haven't been here since either April or May so you never know...

thought I would give you a good look around the property

my cool trail through the woods to the back of the yard

the guest room awaits our guests, slippers and towels

and a robe to wear, always nice to have because its not necessarily one of the things you pack when going away

stocked bar

a nice chocolate treat

I slept in the loft, kinda hard to make this bed as there is no room to tuck things in nicely, sssooo comfy though, this is the first time i've slept here, usually Davids bedroom

nice clean dogger bed

ok, where is our company?

ok, not here yet so lets go for a walk, k?

nice house on our walk

this house used to have a lovely inukshuk but its fallen down, too bad it was cute

trying to give you an idea of how big the trees are in my front yard, thinking 30-40 feet high, scary

our company arrived by dinner time, more later

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