Monday, October 17, 2011

Cottage - four

After we dropped off the doggers we went to Silva Bay for lunch so we could sit on the balcony and stare at the yachts

first we ate inside then went outside

I had of course, calamari, Betty had a legume burger which she just raved about, I can't remember what Laurie had, something with oh so yummy sweet potato fries

the resident outdoor cat, I tried to find some cat food but the grocery store on this part of the island has closed down so beef jerky was all I could find

the old condemned pool

afterwards we hit a few more beaches, this is the lighthouse off my street of dreams

Laurie looks like a statue

going to our next beach

this is my favorite beach actually, Spring Beach, but alas the tide was coming in so we couldn't really explore

then onto Brickyard Beach, the old brickyard was here. the whole beach is riddled with old bricks

this must have been their dumping grounds, the whole embankement is made up of bricks

found some old pics of the brickyard. the brickyard was operational from the early 1890's-1952. there was no power on Gabe so it operated with fuel pumps and boilers. the site was dismantled in the 60's

ariel photo



everything is gone now, well thats not true there are bricks everywhere and quite possibly the land still holds some secrets, its all hidden under forest growth now.

found this jellyfish

saved him, I hope, back in the water you go, on the end of a stick but I couldn't pick it up

then back to the cottage and my fire dancing ritual

Betty did some more of this

Laurie this... you go Laurie

the doggers this

and me this

Laurie made us an absolute scrumptious meal of chicken, potatoes and asapargus.

then off to another great nights sleep

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